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The 7th International Conference on Excitonic Processes in Condensed Matter has been held June 26-30, 2006 on the campus of Wake Forest University. The series of EXCON conferences, organized in even-numbered years since 1994, is dedicated to the inter-disciplinary field of exciton physics. It provides a forum for research communications between solid state physicists, photo-chemists, photo-biologists, and materials scientists. Exciton research is concerned generally with the quantized states of electronic energy imparted to a condensed host material having a band gap, including creation, transport, interaction, and conversion of that energy. Some of the many important applications include organic and inorganic light emitters and solar photovoltaics, understanding photo-biological processes, operation of detectors and scintillators, laser materials of various kinds, and some novel energy conversion and control processes in nanomaterials.
Other topics of fundamental and/or applied nature include coherent and nonlinear effects, behavior in reduced dimensionality, core excitations, defect formation, surface site trapping and desorption, and photo-induced structural phase changes.

To promote communication between scientists working on different continents, the conference venue generally rotates between Australia, Europe, America, and Japan. The past conferences were held in Darwin (Australia, 1994), Kurort Gohrisch (Germany, 1996), Boston (USA, 1998), Osaka (Japan, 2000), Darwin again in 2002, and Cracow (Poland, 2004.) Now you are invited to North Carolina in the southeastern United States to continue the intellectual exploration of excitons in a locale known for warm hospitality.


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Winston-Salem, NC, USA
June 26-30, 2006


The editing of manuscripts has been completed at the end of July and the proceedings will be published in November.

The organizers of EXCON 06 would like to thank all participants for a successful conference. We hope to see you in 2008 in Kyoto.

You can now view the photos taken during the conference here.