1. Two evaluations of the chair will be made during the course of the four-year appointment. These will be conducted during the first half of the fall semester of the second and fourth years of the appointment.
  2. Within the first three weeks of the fall semesters in question, the chair will call a meeting of the departmental faculty for the purpose of electing one of them to serve as supervisor of the evaluation. The supervisor shall be a tenured member of the faculty.
  3. Evaluation forms shall be distributed to the faculty at this meeting and returned to the supervisor.
  4. Within one month of this meeting, the supervisor shall prepare a confidential summary of the responses to the evaluation form and shall call a meeting of the departmental faculty, excluding the chair, to discuss the summary and to prepare a confidential report of its findings and conclusions.
  5. The supervisor shall give a copy of the report to the chair. At its discretion, the chair may ask for a meeting with the supervisor or with the departmental faculty to discuss the report. If the chair elects not to do so, the report will be submitted to the Dean of the College. However, should the chair elect to do so, then, following such a meeting, the supervisor, with the concurrence of the other departmental faculty, may revise the report, which, upon the approval of the departmental faculty (excluding the chair), will be resubmitted to the chair and to the Dean of the College.




Please respond to the following questions in the space provided. If more space is needed or if you wish to address an area not covered by these questions, please append your comments to this form.

  1. Is the chair aware of and responsive to the needs of the student?


  3. Is the chair available when needed?


  5. Does the chair respond to suggestions and requests in a prompt, responsible, and unambiguous way?


  7. Does the chair call for staff meetings in conducting business which needs the attention of the whole staff?


  9. In those matters in which opinions may differ in the conduct of the business of the department, does the chair allow for a full discussion and a decision by vote?


  11. Is the chair prompt, responsible, and competent in conducting the routine business of the department?


  13. Does the chair make committee and teaching assignments fairly, impartially, and with regard to the special talents and interests of the staff?


  15. Does the chair interact well with the administration in representing the department?


  17. Does the chair actively and imaginatively pursue long-range planning for the department?


  19. Does the chair interact with the staff wisely and courteously?

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