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Spring Meetings

American Physical Society March Meeting
March 3-7, 2003
Austin, TX


Will Hodge (graduate student), presenter
"Pair State Analysis of the Hubbard Hamiltonian in One-Dimension"
Authors: W.B. Hodge, N.A.W. Holzwarth, and W. C. Kerr

Ping Tang (graduate student), presenter
"The Electronic Structure of the Rechareable Battery materials LixFePO4"
Authors: Ping Tang and N.A.W. Holzwarth

Keith Bonin (Prof.), presenter
"Laser-Torqued Nanorods"
Authors: Keith Bonin, Bakhit Kourmanov (WFU), and Thad Walker (Univ. of Wisconsin)

Matt Rave (graduate student), presenter
"Berry Phase Effects in a Generalized Kronig-Penney Model"
Authors: M. J. Rave and W. C. Kerr

William C. Kerr (Prof.), presenter
"Propagation of Nonlinear Schrodinger Solitons in an Electron-Phonon System"
Authors: G. Lei, W. C. Kerr (WFU), and S. N. Kerr (Winston-Salem State Univ.)

Freddie Salsbury (Prof.), presenter
"Macromolecular Simulations with New Generalized Born Methods"
Authors: Freddie Salisbury (WFU) and Michael S. Lee (USAMRIID)

Freddie Salsbury (Prof.)
"New Trends in Generalized Born Implicit Solvent Methods"
Authors: Michael S. Lee (presenter - USAMRIID), Freddie R. Salsbury, Jr. (WFU), Michael Feig (The Scripps Res. Inst.), and Charles L. Brooks, III. (The Scripps Res. Inst.).

John Wilkinson (graduate student), presenter
"Photoluminescence Probe of Energy Transport in ZnO"
Authors: John Wilkinson, K. B. Ucer, and R.T. Williams

John Wilkinson (graduate student), presenter
"Lifetime and Oscillator Strength of Excitonic Luminescence in ZnO"
Authors: John Wilkinson, Gang Xiong, K. B. Ucer, and R. T. Williams

Annual Biophysical Society Meeting
March 1-5, 2003
San Antonio, TX


Wenhua Liu (graduate student), presenter
"Mechanical Properties of Individual Fibrin Fibers"
Authors: Wenhua Liu (WFU), R. Superfine, R. M. Taylor II, S. T. Lord (UNC-Chapel Hill), M. Guthold (WFU)

Kejing Chen (graduate student), presenter
"Effects of High Phosphate Buffer and Dextran on Hemoglobin"
Authors: Kejing Chen (WFU), Roy R. Hantgan (WFUSM), Samir K. Ballas (Cardeza Foundation, Jefferson Medical College), Daniel B. Kim-Shapiro (WFU)

Virginia Lockamy (graduate student), presenter
"In Search of the Physiologically Relevant Mechanism for NO Release in Hydroxyurea Therapy"
Authors: Virginia L. Lockamy, Jinming Huang, Howard Shields, Fouad Azizi (WFU), Samir K. Ballas (The Cardeza Foundation, Jefferson Medical College), S. Bruce King, and Daniel B. Kim-Shapiro (WFU)

Lu Peng (graduate student), presenter
"Novel-single-molecule methodology to identify new aptamers"
Authors: Lu Peng (WFU), Roger Cubicciotti (Nanomedia Inc.), and Martin Guthold (WFU)

Jonathan I. Sizemore, Phillip L. Cannon (undergraduates) and Martin Guthold, presenters
"Novel Bind-Specific Nucleic Acid Purification: Combining Single-Molecule PCR and Atomic Force Microscopy"
Authors: Jonathan I. Sizemore, Phillip L. Cannon, and Martin Guthold

David B. Hill (graduate student), presenter
"Vesicle Transport in PC12 Neurites: Forces and Saltatory Motion"
Authors: David B. Hill, Keith Bonin, and G. Holzwarth

Annual Conference of the National Society of Black Physicists
February 12-15, 2003
Atlanta, GA


Yonas Abraham (graduate student), presenter
"Method for Surface Calculations in a Semi-Infinite Geometry"
Authors: Yonas B. Abraham and N.A.W. Holzwarth