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Physics students win Richter Awards

This is the third year the Richter Scholars Program provided funds to Wake Forest University on the Reynolda Campus. These awards are provided for independent study by undergraduates in the College, students at the Calloway School, and to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Two of this years' winners are from the Physics Department, John Wilkinson and Gang Xiong.

John will be a visiting researcher in the laboratory of Professor Yao, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, studying ZnO film fabrication, luminescence and stimulated emission. During the visit, John will attend the EXCON02 conference in Darwin, Australia along with some of his Japanese hosts, where he will present a paper on the excitonicorigin of the extremely short lifetimes observed in ZnO.

Gang Xiong will study defects in p-type zinc oxide semiconductor material at Professor Meyer's Lab at University of Geissen, Germany. During his visit, he will accompany his German host to the EURODIM Conference in Poland, where he will present a paper on ZnO.

Congratulations, gentlemen!