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Alumni: Please send us a note with updates on what you are doing.

Physics Undergraduates 2014-15


  • Baldwin, Troy (BA)
  • Barelli, Andrew (BA)
  • Beets, Nathan (BS)
  • Bergesen, Reeve (BA)
  • Byrum, John (BS)
  • Cooper, Michael (BA)
  • DiNapoli, Kathleen (BS, Bio)
  • Earnhardt, Christian (BA)
  • Fulp, Keri (BS)
  • Gee, Victoria (BS, Bio)
  • Gormley, Meghan (BS)
  • Harper, Angela (BS)
  • Hunt, Gabriella (BS)
  • Lauria, Marcus (BA)
  • Lucioni, Tomas (BS, Bio)
  • MacDougall, Duncan (BS)
  • Minick, Drew (BS)
  • O'Dell, Adam (BS, Bio)
  • Parsons, Sarah (BS)
  • Patolia, Harsh (BS, Bio)
  • Smith, Hannah (BS)
  • Smyre, Scott (BS, Bio)
  • Wu, River (BS)
  • Yang, Yaqi (BS)
  • Zolghadr, Sina (BS)


  • Anand, Sajant (BS)
  • Anich, Sam (BS, Bio)
  • Antoni, Charlotte (BS, Bio)
  • Bauersmith, Austin (BS, Bio)
  • Dean, Jamerdon (BS)
  • Gianino, Elizabeth (BS, Bio)
  • Gorelick, John (BS)
  • Griffin, Daniel (BS, Bio)
  • Hayes, Jacori (BS)
  • Hewitt, Forest (BS, Bio)
  • Johnstone, Connor (BS)
  • Jonas, Charlie (BS)
  • Kim, Emily (BS, Bio)
  • Kuczynski, Caroline (BS)
  • Levy, Preston (BS)
  • Low, Josiah (BS, Bio)
  • Marrero, Matthew (BS)
  • McKeel, Taylor (BS)
  • Minnetian, Julia (BS)
  • Momo, Julien-Fabrice (BS)
  • Nelli, Daniel (BS, Bio)
  • Pruitt, John (BS)
  • Rhoads, Taylor (BA)
  • Robbins, Henry (BA)
  • Schall, Drew (BS)
  • Shao, Linqi (BS)
  • Stanhope, Katie (BS, Bio)
  • Swain, Brandi (BS, Bio)
  • Thompson, Briana (BS)
  • Vaccaro, Alex (BA)
  • Vickers, Daniel (BS, Bio)


  • Butler, Sarah Burke
  • Kane, Cameron
  • Kane, Kohler
  • Markham, Jack
  • Miler, Sloan
  • Morris, Wesley
  • Terpos, Ted
  • Walker, Jason
  • Wawer, Nathan

Undergraduate Alumni


Name Year Research Title
Carlson, Rowland D. 2015
Craven, Anthony R. 2015
Einhorn, John R. 2015 Effects of Conformally invariant Quantum Fields on Future Singularities
Fogel, Derek M. 2015 Tuning Structural Order at Differing Length Scales in Organic Thin-film Transistors
Freund, Erica C. 2015 Long-term Storage Conditions of Nanoparticle Encapsulated Orlistat to Maintain Cytotoxicity
Guy, Emily S. 2015
Janes, John R. 2015
Jones, Travis N. 2015
Lim, Leegan 2015
Lundeen, Andy J. 2015 Effects of Conformally invariant Quantum Fields on Future Singularities
Nicholson, William P. 2015 Quantifying the Stability of Acridness to Putative Ribosomal DNA G-Quadruplexes
Obaid, Abdulmalik M. 2015 Interplay Between Structure, Processing, and Properties of Organic Semiconductors
Reel, John T. 2015
Saito, Mizuki 2015
Schuck, Casey E. 2015
Shetty, Pragna N. 2015
Shoemaker, Brian A. 2015
Simms, Kelli N. 2015 Thermoelectric Properties of Small Molecule Doped Carbon Nanotube Matrices
Soliman, Karim Z. 2015
Story, William A. 2015
Thompson, William G. 2015 Investigating the Effects of Chemotherapeutics on the MutSα Complex
Vuong, Andy 2015 Towards High-resolution Recording of Brain Activity Using Organic Transistors
Zhang, Xinran (Hannah) 2015 Modeling Li diffusion using molecular dynamics
Clarke, Ardelia M. 2014
Conwill, Eliot M. 2014
Drewery, James L. 2014 Modeling Materials: Comparison of Two PAW Datasets
Hicks, Bradley B. 2014 Natural Vacuum State for Quantum Scalar Fields in an Initially Radiation Dominated Universe and its Relationship to the Bunch-Davies State
Johnson, Daniel H. 2014
Kates, Cameron M. 2014 Computational Modeling of Surface Energy and Structural Behavior of Li4P2S6 Electrolytic Solid Interfacing with Li Anodes
Kreutzfeldt, Timothy W. 2014 Development of Mechanically Soft Gels for Use in Wide-Field Microscopy of Live Cells
Kumar, Kiran 2014
Lipke, Kyle C. 2014
Marvel, Madison L. 2014 Platelet Activation in Hemolytic Anemias
Payne, Margaret E. 2014 Charge Transfer Complexes of Pyromellitic Dianhydride
Voyles, David E. 2014 The Mechanical Properties of Mixed, Electrospun Collagen/Fibrinogen Fibers for Tissue Engineering Purposes
Zinchuk, Cameron M. 2014
Arter, Calvin 2013
Ayoola-Adeola, Martins A. 2013
Binz, Kristen L. 2013
Brigeman, Alyssa N. 2013 Development of Solution-processable Semiconductor and Dielectric Layers in Organic Field-Effect Transistors
Chambers, Michael W. 2013
Christ, Zachary A. 2013
Cusano, Sean A. 2013 Kinetics of Nitrite Reductase Activity of Myoglobin and S-Nitrosothiol Production Under Varying Oxygen Pressures and pH Values
Eggart, Laurence P. 2013
Flynn, Samuel D. 2013 Properties of Long Lived Neutrino Stars in an Expanding Universe
Gn, Martus Zheng Quan 2013 Mutant Pentacoordinate Neuroglobin Binding Kinetics to Carbon Monoxide
Lyle, Christopher R. 2013
Shugoll, Brad 2013 Uncovering Meaningful Correlations between Oxidative Damage and Aging: An Analysis of Carbonyl Detection Methodology
Snyder, Matthew J. 2013 Using Atomic Force Microscopy to Analyze the Effects of Pt-Acramtu, a Novel Anticancer Therapeutic, on DNA
Stevens, Loah A. 2013 Polymorphism in Organic Semiconductors
Yu, Guo Victor 2013 Characterization of Surface Functionalized Nanoparticle Using Gel Electrophoresis
Banerjee, Soham 2012 A Novel Anchoring Technique to Enable Nanofiber Mechanical Testing
Binder, Mary 2012 Nanocomposite Modified RFID Tags for Use as Strain Sensors
Conrad, Randall 2012
David, Daniel 2012 Effect of Chemical Composition & Crystal Structure on the Electronic Performance of Organic Seminconductors: The Case of Acenes
Gallagher, Daniel 2012
Grunwald, James 2012
Martin, Matthew 2012 Variational Bayesian Analysis of Pescide Track
McLellan, Claire 2012 A Unified Picture of Charge Density's Effect on the Mobility of Organic Semiconductors
Nguyendac, Don 2012 Development of the Function Annotation Process to Rapidly Populate UCSF's SFLD Crotonase Superfamily
Reynolds, Hannah 2012 The Role of Nitric Oxide Scavenging by Red Cell Microparticles in the Blood Storage Lesion
Sanders, Dillon 2012 Particle Production in De Sitter Space and the Validity of the Semiclassical Approximation during Preheating
Schwartz, Luke 2012
Shoemaker, Griffin 2012
Turner, Brandon 2012 Exploring the use of Hemology Modeling and Active Site Profiling to Capture Evolutionarily Divergent Members of the Haloacid Dehalogenase Superfamily
Armstrong, Elizabeth 2011 Quantification of Geometry for Parametric Shape and Size Modeling of the Human Rib Cage
Boyte, Brently 2011
Carlton, Ashley 2011 The Expansion and Brightening of the Youngest Galactic Supernova Remnant G1.9+0.3
Edwards, Adam 2011
Gendy, Marianne 2011
Goetz, Katelyn 2011 Using Single Crystals to Study Intrinsic Charge Transport in Organic Semiconductors
Grosse, Stephen 2011
Hayon, Soloman 2011
Keith, Mary Katherine 2011
Matthews, Charles Wesley 2011 Ab Initio Simulations of Ammonia Borane under Pressure
Meador, Colby 2011
Nguyen, Callistus 2011
Nwanze, Nneka 2011
Owen, Jack 2011 High Performance Organic Thin-Film Transistors Fabricated by Spray-Deposition
Sullivan, Ryan 2011
Vance, Zachary 2011
Williams-Simmons, Aaron 2011
Azarova, Natalia 2010
Baldwin, Margaret 2010
Courtney, Nick 2010
Goetz, Bradley 2010
Howell, Matthew 2010
Patton, Laura 2010
Roll, Eric 2010
Cauley, P. Wilson 2009
Forseth, Erik R. 2009 Search for Self-Consistent Wormhole Solutions in Semiclassical Gravity
Lepley, Nicholas 2009
Rosile, David A. 2009 Effect of the New Cancer Therapeutic "Acramtu" on DNA Conformation
Talluri, Sanjay 2009
Walb, Matthew C. 2009 Testing the Motor Kinesin in a Viscoelastic Medium
Bjerke, Jillian Marie 2008
Burwell, Thomas Pryor 2008
Klyap, Sarah Ann 2008 Numerical Computation of the Stress-Energy Tensor in the Neighborhood of a Wormhole due to Fermionic Fields
Macropoulas, G. Alexander 2008
Patel, E. Jay 2008
Rice, Peter Killian 2008
Sizemore, Sara Michelle 2008
Wall, R. Andrew 2008 Absorption and Emission of Light by Electrons and Holes in ZnO
Watkins, Lee Matthew 2008
Wilson, Andrew Charles 2008
Dellaripa, Nicholas William 2007 Wormhole Solutions to the Semiclassical Einstein Field Equations
Hill, Jared D. 2007
Kalemeris, Holly Christine 2007
Khanoyan, Christopher Card 2007
Roman, Michael Patrick 2007 Creation of Branched Porous Anodic Alumina Templates for the Fabrication of Silver Nanorods
Salek, Robert J. 2007
Weiss, Jordan Allen 2007
Abernathy, Zachary J. 2006
McGuirt, John Baxter 2006 Inkjet Printing of Biological Materials
Caudill, Matthew S. 2005 Testing the Black Hole’s Spin in Black-Hole Binary Initial Data
Davis, Ierisha T. 2005
Martin, George B. 2005 Warping the Wave Function: Intermediate Steps in Quantum Computation
Stephens, Bryan J. 2005 Construction and Application of a Combined AFM/FM (with TIRF)
Azarov, Ivan A. 2004
Keeling, Briana Crystal 2004 Warping the Wave Function: Better estimations of the electronic wavefunction using a rubbersheeting technique
Ringwood, Lorna Ann 2004
Shelton, Wilson Andrew 2004 Nonlinear Motion by Linearly Driven Optical Torques
Hobson, Maritza Anita 2003 Optical Tracking of Vesicles at Various Temperatures
Lichtenstein, Erin Kyle 2003
Mischuck, Brian 2002 Pulsed Laser Photoelectron Spectroscopy of ZnO
Morgan, Jessica (Wolfing) 2002 Random and Directed Motion of Microbeads
Poole, Alan 2002 Near Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy of Blood and Hemoglobin
Gravatt, William Lyle 2001
Kline, Jacob Morris 2001 Graviton Energy and Momentum in a K=0 de Sitter Universe
Mauro, Brett Vaughan 2001
Meltsner, Michael Adam 2001
Parker, Nathan Chandler 2001
Valenti, Erin Patricia 2001
Dunn, Tammie Christine S. 2000
Jenkins, Neil Edward 2000
Bedle, Heather 1999
Pieslak, Brian Theodore 1999
Tarsa, Peter Bowie 1999
Frey, Andrew Rodger 1998 Nucleosynthesis Limits on Long-Range Forces
Marshburn, David Theon 1998
Gulbis, Eric Andrew 1997
King, Amanda Lee 1997
Webb, Suzanne Christine 1997
Butler, Evelyn Nadine 1996 Scalar Polarizability Measurements of Lithium Clusters
Claussen, Neil Ryan 1996 Design and Construction of a Magneto_optical Trap for Rubidium Atoms
Krenach, Courtney Maria 1996
Neal, Jeffrey David 1996
Akerele-Ale, Aduni Itunu 1995
Burke, Diane Elizabeth 1995
Jatinen, Andrew Wylie 1995
Kimmer, Christopher James 1995 Simulation of the Atomic Force Microscope using the semi-empirical Angular-Force Embedded Atom Method
Bahrani, Hooman 1994
Hodulik, Paul Edmund 1994 Saturated Spectroscopy of Rubidium
Upton, Lee Oliver 1994
Wachter, Christopher Michael 1994
Crowell, Alexander Sheffield 1993 ESR Studies of Radiation and Mechanical Damage to Keratin Proteins
Harrington, Gregory Scott 1993
Kearns, William Tyler 1993
Korzeniowski, Luka Gregory 1993
Kreuzburg, Bradley Roger 1993
Cooke, Jason-Paul Trevor 1992
Dillingham, Stephen George 1992
Mills, Jennifer Margaret 1992
Chervenak, James Andrew 1991
Jacobs, Karen Joyner 1991
Sabanayagam, Chandran Rigor 1991
Davis, Jon Pilkenton 1990
Hawthorne, Alice Michel 1990
Hoy, Stephen Michael 1990
Piechnik, Anthony Joseph 1990
Sebek, Robert Michael 1990
Wakefield, Christopher Robert 1990
Waldron, Deborah Ann 1990
Einwaechter, Eric Dwight 1989
Fries, Douglas Eric 1989
Nau, William Henry 1989
Seddon, Mark Simon 1989
Dyson, Joann Mabel 1988
Gemrich, Catherine Lee 1988
Hinds, John Michael 1988
Jones, Carolyn Anne 1988
Kopelman, Elizabeth Jane 1988
Seto, Kenji 1988
Shafer, Robert Patrick 1988
Steed, Pamela Elaine Bell 1988
Whitcomb, Richard Whitney 1988
Azhar, Salman 1987 Singular Factor Method for Electronic Structure Calculations
Clark, Edward Graham 1987
Collins, Charlene Lynne 1987
Dixon, David Glenn 1987
Kern, Gary Robert 1987
McKee, Chad Bennett 1987 Transient Orientation of Linear DNA Molecules during Pulsed-field Gel Electrophoresis
Peterson, Woodrow Hufham 1987
Shattuck, Mark David 1987
Tuttle, Andrew Ethan 1987
Burma, Lance Michael 1986
Chapman, Richard Oliver 1986
Roberson, Mark Windsor 1986 Ionic Thermo Current Studies of CaF2 Doped with Ce3+ and Gd3+
Scibetta, James Sidney 1986
Earle, Clifford Saxby 1985
Graham, Jon Michael 1985
Griffin, Cynthia Lynn 1985
Herman, Rhett Byron 1985
Maxwell, Michael C. 1985
McCray, Gordon Eugene 1985
Neinast, Mark Edward 1985
Owen, Jack Walden 1985
Wilson, Robert Mark 1985
Carroll, Seavy Wesley 1983
Denning, Elizabeth 1983
Summers, Timothy Frederick 1983
de Lyon, Terence Joseph 1982 X-Irradiation Damage in Hydroxamic Acid2: A Powder ESR Study of the RCON+HO- Radical
Edwards, David Burlingame 1982
Haynes, Tony Eugene 1982
Kerfoot, Jonathan Lee 1982
Loggins, Amanda Joy 1982
Rogers, William Boyd 1982
Walton, Stuart Alexander 1982
McHugh, Martin James 1981
Riffe, David Mark 1981 The Inverse Scattering Method for Solving the Korteweg-de Vries Equation
Snow, Eric Scott 1981
Solenberger, Diane 1981
Tabor, Dennis Gordon 1981
Dickenson, Charles David 1980
Glover, Bobby Neal 1980
Kester, Marcus Austin 1980
Kropp, Karl Vernon 1979
Sane, David Chester 1979
Tibbetts, Timothy Alan 1979
Ellis, Charles Robert 1978
Glass, David Eugene 1978
Walker, Martin Chandler 1978
Meiburg, Katherine 1977
Druitt, Thomas Johnson 1976
Simms, John Elliott 1976
Danieley, Ned Daniels 1975
Voris, James Stuart 1975
Mull, Richard Theodore 1974
Polhamus, William Farthing 1974
Cress, Robert William 1973
Love, Lane Alan 1973
Schultheiss, Timothy Edward 1973
Turner, James David 1973
Brewer, Robert Moore 1972
Doda, David Dante 1972
Ledford, Randall Delane 1972 The Quantum Mechanical Harmonic Oscillator and Minimum Uncertainty Wave Packets
Young, See Chin 1971
Bishop, James Wallace 1970
Honeycutt, Richard Allison 1970
Hull, Roger Allen 1970
Isenhower, Nelson Nolan 1970
Lassiter, Charles Butler 1970
Weeks, Robert Kenneth 1970
Dunnagan, Philip Arvin 1969
Hambrick, Larry Nicholas 1969
Hedrick, Wayne Robert 1969
Morton, James Winston 1969
Painter, Sankey Reid 1969
Taliaferro, David Andrew 1969
Whisenant, Mary 1969
Cain, Laurence Sutherland 1968
Cox, James Allen 1968
Tse, Ping Kwan 1968
Williams, Richard Taylor 1968
Flory, Thomas Reherd 1967
McDowell, Harding Keith 1966
Wood, Joy Lorraine 1965
Cash, Thomas Dalton 1964
Huff, William Joseph 1964
McIntyre, Ronald Treadwell 1964
Matthews, Thomas Roy 1963
Brewer, William Dennis 1962
Dozier, Charles Marvin 1962
Griffith, Oscar Franklin 1961
Skipper, Slade Welma 1961
Slaughter, Hal Franklin 1961
Stafford, Richard Allen 1961
Turner, William Roberts 1961
Dotson, Allen Clark 1960
Eckert, Frank George 1960
Fabian, E. Larry 1960
Metcalf, David William 1960
Snipes, Wallace Clayton 1960
Speas, Melinda 1958
Tuttle, Walter Alan 1958
Baxter, Denise 1957
Burroughs, Edward Gilbert 1957
Walker, William Scott 1957
Memory, Jasper Durham 1956
Roberts, Norman Arthur 1956
Sellers, Francis Bachman 1954
Smith, Donald Matthew 1954
Owen, Hubert Lowell 1952
Hall, Louis Alton 1950
Warren, Casper Carl 1949
Hardin, Clyde Durham 1948
Stamps, George Moreland 1947
Easley, John Allen 1943
Lide, Robert Wilson 1943
Whitesel, James Warren 1943


Name Year Research Title
Backerman, Grant M. 2015
Barbalace, Ryan L. 2015
Dunmire, Aaron R. 2015
Pipkorn, Zachary M. 2015
Cantin, Kristine D. 2014
Carney, Richard S. 2013
Cyrus, Audrey M. 2013
Cockerham, James 2012
Durr, Kristina 2012
Lanzer, Robert 2012
Font, Michael 2011
Hamer, Justin M. 2011
Stoldt, Connor 2011
Cahyuti, Thomas 2010
Chainani, Rick 2010
Chang, Alyssa 2010
Dyer, Alford 2010
Wang, Pamela 2010
Cox, William K. 2009
Dannahower, Ashley C. 2009
Gottbrecht, Matthew F. 2009 The Analysis of the Enolase Superfamily Based on Active Site Structure and Function
Kuhn, Adam M. 2009
Nelli, J. Patrick 2009 Platelet Adherence to Proteins Under Shear Flow Conditions
Taylor, Alex D. 2009
Dunlap, Peter Benjamin 2008
Jung, Minji 2008
Chisena, Ernest Nicola 2007 Speckled Microtubules Improve Tracking in Motor-Protein Gliding Assays
Gordon, Elizabeth Ann 2007 The Effects of Nitric Oxide on the Deformability of RBCs
Gordon, Kevin Charles 2007
Inman, Charles Nichols 2007
Sparks, Eric Andrew 2007 The Viscoelastic Properties of Individual Fibrin Fibers
Varner, James Adam 2007
Berardinelli, Kevin M. 2006
Gaut, Richard Charles 2006
Zimmerman, Tyler J. 2006 Effects of Au and Ag Nanoparticles on the Optical Absorption of PEDOT:PSS Electrochromic Devices
Hall, Kristen M. 2005
Rutledge, Thomas S,. 2005
VanDeventer, Jacqueline 2005
Batten, Randolph H. 2004
Clayton, Jack Stewart 2004 Enhancing the Conductivity at PEDOT-PSS
Murphy, Timothy Daniel 2004
Plaza, Michael Jonathan 2004
Seal, Christopher Richard 2004
Agopsowicz, Douglas Eugene 2003
Green, Heather Bennett 2003
Krauss, Katherine L. 2003
Lindemann, Dana Marie 2003
McKay, Jesse David 2003
Raynor, Corinne Cayla 2003
Arndt, Stephen Robert 2001
Swanson, Patrick Earl 2001
Bello, Ryan Michael 2000
Melby, Christine Claire 2000
Stephenson, Bradley Nichols 2000
Tate, Rebecca Grace 2000
Childress, Edward Bradley 1999
Everhart, George Andrew 1999
Grow, Kerry Lyn 1999 Thermally Stimulated Depolarization Measurements of Insulating Materials
Mull, Courtney Dawn 1999
Parks, Joshua David 1999
Bergquist, Kyle Jeffrey 1998 A Study of the Spatial Distribution of Radicals in Cleaved and X-Irradiated Hard Keratin
Biddick, Kathleen Suzanne 1998
Depenbrock, Patrick John 1998
Detterline, Alvin James 1998
Gummadi, Bharat Kumar 1998
Kolibash, Christopher Paul 1998
Taska, Andrew Joseph 1998 Three-Photon Photoluminescence Microscopy of Gallium Nitride Epitaxial Think Films
Hatcher, Ryan Michael 1997
Paitsel, Brian Wayne 1997
Schmitz, Stephen Palmer 1997
Harder, Scott Vance 1996
Cooke, Larry Douglas 1994
Cosentine, Louis Arthur 1994
Nigrelli, Amy Lynn 1994
Parks, Christine Carol 1994
Peil, Michael Anthony 1994
Williams, Deborah Jean 1994
Pressley, Christian Lee 1993
Aloi, Jennifer Anne 1992
Hutson, Michael Shane 1992
Rossi, Shawn Peter 1992
Brooks, Edward Joseph 1991
Brown, Thomas Madison 1991
Eggleston, Thomas Wesley 1991
Neitzey, Lynn Marie 1991
Olsen, Jennifer Jean 1991
Dillon, Alan Wellford 1990
Keiner, Louis Edward 1990
Kral, Robert Anthony 1990
Platt, Kevin John 1990 Simulation of a Model with Three-Fold Symmetry in the On-Site Potential Energy
Rave, Matthew James 1990
Rowe, Mark William 1990
Vann, Joel David 1990
Clark, Chadwick Wellington 1989
Elia, Alan Richard 1989
Gant, Marcia Oleta 1989
Had, Steven Dennis 1989
Kleman, Todd George 1989
Mainwaring, Bruce John 1989
Mainwaring, Bruce John 1989
Bird, Richard Rives 1988
Dameron, Martha Paige 1988
Snyder, William Timothy 1988
Gregg, Michael Roy 1987
Hovis, Robert Corby 1987
Moeller, Patricia Lynn 1987
Baker, David Eric 1986
Basinger, Alice Ann 1986
Durham, Mark Allen 1986 ITC: A Computer Model – Defect-Defect Interactions in Gadolinium Doped Calcium Fluoride
Ensor, David Paul 1986
Ledbetter, Elizabethe Anne 1986
Riffe, Scott Edward 1986
Rosenblatt, Gregg Howard 1986
Covell, Eugene Wayne 1985
Harper, James Winsmore 1985
Howell, Laurie Lynn 1985
Kaden, Walter Michael 1985
Shown, Leslie Jane 1985
Teal, Karen Lynn 1985
Tysinger, Lori Marie 1985
Wortman, Deborah Ann 1985
Annonio, William Watson 1984
Bates, David Thomas 1984
Bowen, Michel David 1984
Copeland, G. Brent 1984
Gardner, Jeffrey Ray 1984
Haigh, Amy L 1984
May, David Park 1984
Reid, Scott Warner 1984
Sechler, David Lawrence 1984
Beaver, Guy Moody 1983
Berguido, Armando 1983
Carpenter, Kevin Kenneth 1983
Catron, Bryan Allen 1983
Chaffin, John Taylor 1983
Cogsil, Thomas Bryce 1983
Hinson, William Howell 1983
Murphy, Gregory Michael 1983
Raye, Keith Alan 1983
Broderick, John C 1982
James, Lawrence Hoy 1982
McGuffin, James Stewart 1982
Ozols, Richard Egils 1982
Reagan, Robert Michael 1982
Batson, Susan Crockett 1981
Corrigan, Peter James 1981
Petrone, Joseph Felix Anthony 1981
Delaplaine, Lawrence Colin 1980
Gwyn, Thomas Marshall 1980
Doulong, David H 1979
Clarkson, Thomas Boston 1977
Elkins, Karen Laverne 1977
Ferrell, William Garland 1977
Boyer, Jeffrey Malcolm 1976
Nations, Steven Kinard 1976
Gallaher, John K 1975
Williams, Barbara 1973
Wilson, Dennis John 1973
Blythe, James William 1972
Nielsen, Charles Hart 1972
Cooke, Larry Douglas 1967
Schneider, Paul Good 1967
Clifford, Richard Marcellus 1965

Alumni: Please send us a note with updates on what you are doing.

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