Video Lectures

General Physics Video Lectures

Watch Wake Forest University Department of Physics professors present lectures on most concepts typically covered in a two semester general physics course.

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Mathematical Methods

Simple Motion

Forces and Newton’s Laws

Work and Conservation Laws

Rotational Motion

Elastic properties

Planetary Motion

Oscillatory Motion and Waves




Currents, Resistance, DC circuits, RC circuits

Magnetic fields

AC Circuits

Electromagnetic Waves

Maxwell’s equations, 3 lecture series

Archived partial lectures on electromagnetic waves (technical problems)


  • Lenses1.mp4. Convex lenses and image formation. Rick Matthews.
  • Lenses2.mp4. More on convex lenses, real and virtual images, brief mention of how the eye focuses and how a camera focuses. Rick Matthews.
  • Lenses3.mp4. Concave lenses and their images. Rick Matthews.
  • More ray tracing lessons
    • Lesson 1, convex lens with an object far from the lens. Rick Matthews.
    • Lesson 2, convex lens with an object near the lens. Rick Matthews.
    • Lesson 3, concave lens. (Note that object placement has little effect on the nature of the image with concave lenses.) Rick Matthews.