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Physics Department

(revised 5/10/2011)

General Rules of Safety.

  1. Only authorized students may use the shop during business hours, M-F 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, unless accompanied by a physics faculty or staff member.
  2. The shop door must remain open while the shop is in use. This increases the chances of being noticed should an accident occur.
  3. Always wear safety glasses, goggles, or safety shields designed for the type of work being done, when you or anyone is operating a machine.
  4. Get first aid immediately for ANY injury. Report all accidents and injuries to your instructor immediately.
  5. Be sure that all machines have effective and proper working guards.
  6. Replace guards immediately after any repairs.
  7. Do not attempt to oil, clean, adjust, or repair any machine while it is running.
  8. Do not leave a machine while it is running. Someone else may not notice it is still running and be injured.
  9. Do not try to stop the machine with your hands or body.
  10. Always see that work and cutting tools on any machine are clamped securely before starting.
  11. Keep the floor clear of metal chips and waste pieces. Put them in the container provided for scrap.
  12. Get help when handling long or heavy pieces of material.
  13. When working with another person, only one should operate the machine or switches.
  14. Do not lean against the machines.
  15. Concentrate on the work and the machine at all times, it only takes a moment for an accident to occur. Do not talk unnecessarily while operating a machine.
  16. Do not talk to others while they are operating a machine.
  17. Be sure you have sufficient light to see clearly when doing any job.
  18. Never use compressed air for cleaning machinery.
  19. Never use compressed air to clean your clothes or any part of your body.

Rules Concerning Housekeeping.

  1. Keep floors free of oil, grease or any other liquid. Clean up spilled liquids immediately; they are slipping hazards.
  2. Aisles should be kept clear at all times to avoid tripping or other accidents.
  3. Store materials in such a way that they cannot become tripping hazards. Return all excess material to it's proper storage place.
  4. Put tools away when not in use.
  5. Place all scrap in scrap containers.

Dress Code

  1. Wear clothes suited for the job.
  2. Wear short sleeves, or sleeves rolled above the elbow.
  3. Wearing of shorts or cutoff pants is not allowed in the shop. Hot chips can cause cuts and burns.
  4. Open toe shoes are not allowed in the shop,. Shoes must cover the entire foot to be acceptable. Leather is preferred.
  5. If material is rough or sharp and gloves must be worn, handle the material only when machine is turned off.
  6. Always remove gloves before turning on or operating any machine.
  7. Do not wear ties, rings, watches, bracelets or other jewelry that could get caught in moving machinery.
  8. Long hair must be kept up at all times. It is easy for long hair to get caught in moving machinery.

I have read and understand the above rules and agree to comply with them.

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