Invited Speakers

Below is the list of invited speakers and general topics.

Lynn Boatner
Oak Ridge National Lab, USA
Radiation detection materials and systems
Lars Eriksson
Siemens Medical Solutions, USA
A history of PET instrumentation
Paul Lecoq
CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  The CMS calorimeter in 2007: performance & physics
Yuriy Malyukin
Institute for Scintillation Materials, Kharkov, Ukraine
Control of electron-phonon dynamics by quantum confinement in isolated Y2SiO5:Pr3+ nanocrystal
Bill Moses
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, USA
Scintillator non-proportionality
Martin Nikl
Institute of Physics, Prague, Czech Rep
  Scintillator materials – achievements, opportunities and puzzles
Alan Owens
European Space Agency, The Netherlands
  Scintillators in interplanetary space missions
Tony Peurrung
Pacific Northwest National Lab, USA
  Nuclear science for homeland security
Brad Roscoe
Schlumberger-Doll Research,  USA
  Scintillators and geophysical exploration
Craig Woody
Brookhaven National Lab,  USA
  Special applications for scintillating crystals in medical imaging
Xiao-dong Xiang
Intematix, Fremont, CA, USA
  Combinatorial synthesis and scintillator development
Svetlana Zazubovich
University of Tartu, Estonia
  Physics of lead tungstate scintillators