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Instructions for Using the Department
Xerox Copier/Printer Machines

The following instructions are not comprehensive steps to completing tasks,
only general procedural information.

Copier Names

  1. First floor is OLIN-100-XRX and is in room 100D
  2. Second floor is OLIN-203-XRX and is in room 203
  3. Third floor is OLIN-303-XRX and is now in room 303

Installing Xerox on PC

  1. Go to START (bottom left of screen, "Microsoft Bubble")
  2. Click RUN
  3. Type in:\\
  4. Click OK
  5. Select printer from list, right click on that printer and then choose CONNECT
  6. Windows printer installation box will open and begin printer installation

Setting Xerox as default printer

  1. Go to START (bottom left of screen, "Microsoft Bubble")
  2. Click Devices and Printers
  3. Right click on the printer and choose Set as Default Printer

Secure Print

Secure Print is used for confidential items such as a test. You send the print job using the method below but the job will not be executed until you physically stand at the copier and enter the numeric code you choose.

  1. From your computer go to PRINT, then go to PROPERTIES, then go to SECURE PRINT and it will ask you to set a numeric password
  2. When you get to the copier press the Job Status button on the left hand side, then select the secure job tab, then enter the password you set and release it

General Copying from the machine

  1. Select COPY from the main screen
  2. Enter the department pass code (same number as in the past)
  3. Select the button that says OK at the top right of the screen
  4. All copy options will now appear so you can choose as needed (default color is black and white)

Deleting a Job from printing

  1. Press Job Status button on left hand side
  2. Go to the Active Job tab on the screen
  3. Choose the job and then choose delete

Scanning from the machine

  1. Select E-mail from the main screen
  2. Enter in your username then touch next
  3. Enter in your network password then touch done
  4. You can access the network address book and search by a persons last name when using the scanning function
  5. Change color to black and white if you are scanning a large document
  6. For single-page documents or multi-pages using the document feeder, place the original in the tray or on the glass bed
  7. For other multi-page documents such as a book, turn on "Job Build" within the "Job Assembly" tab
  8. To log out, touch your name at the top right of the screen then touch log out


  • Press the Services Home button on the left hand side at any time to go back to the screen that says Mail or Copy
  • The Flash Drive Port is currently disabled and we will let you know if that changes
  • If you have any problems or questions please see Karen Logan (ext.5337) or Heather Chapman (ext. 3223) in the front office
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