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Physics Education Resources

The faculty in the Physics Department at Wake Forest University are actively involved in physics education. We have developed a series of resources that should be useful to any person interested in physics and these resources are provided here.

For the development of these resources, the support of the Wake Forest University IS Department, through their STARs and Tablet PC programs, is gratefully acknowledged.

Physics Lecture Demonstrations

This is a series of videos involving specific lecture demonstrations useful for understanding physics concepts. Each demonstration focuses on one or a small number of important concepts.

Physics Lecture Series Videos

Watch Wake Forest University Department of Physics professors lecture on various concepts typically covered in a two semester general physics course.

Narrated Problem Solving and Derivations

Watch videos in which Wake Forest University Department of Physics professors narrate, with notation and speech, derivations and problem solutions.

Mathematics Resources

A list of math videos relevant to physics as compiled by the faculty of the Department of Physics.

Current Courses

A listing of the current courses being offered by the department along with links to instructors pages.

Previous Courses

Links to pages listing previous courses offered by the department organized by year and semester.

Future Courses

Links to a listing of future planned courses to be offered by the department.

i>clicker Software

The faculty have agreed to use the student's WFU login name (email less for the student roster ID.


Gravitational Torsion Apparatus (Cavendish G) Information

114L: Click here for the E-field Excel Template

Introductory Lab Software

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